[UPDATED FOR 2018-2019] 4 Reasons why Adwords Click to Call Campaigns May Not Be for You!

Some of the CONS of using adwords click-to-call are:

  1. Traffic is not cheap – You have to pay to play here. With google ads, the focus is on extremely high intent search traffic. These people know what they want. They are in search of your offer and are ready to whip out a credit card, or health insurance card, or what have you. The competition is fierce and these days it’s hard to find strong offers that payout high enough to justify quality search traffic. If you are on a budget, then consider exploring Mobile DSP traffic. Go2Mobi is pay per call friendly.
  2. Traffic sources and GEO’s are limited. The best online traffic source for calls is still Google Ads. To overcome the high CPC’s, we’re seeing a healthy uptrend in a form fills>sms>call center funnel. Coreg is doing well, and so is mobile dsp. But You need a form and a  system to get those people on the phone.
  3. Google Cracking Down on Compliance – Profitable verticals like Addiction have taken a big hit. The compliance firm Legit Script now serves as gatekeeper if you want to run addiction. And as always. Be careful with your travel campaigns, student loan, and any other vertical that may seem predatory capable of duping someone into a bad experience. 
  4. Scaling is not easy – Google Ads click to call is still the fastest way to get a call campaign up and running, then profitable. The funnel is extremely short (just need an ad and basic landing page with a phone number, very little conversion tracking setup), and the intent to talk on the phone is usually, very high.

But rarely have I seen a call campaign capable of churning out 4 figures a day, and keeping it profitable with affiliate network payouts.

It’s easy to turn on the flood gates with many high volume verticals like health insurance, legal, home services, but it’s hard to make the payouts work. So you throttle your target CPA and you let the campaign run at a profit that makes you happy. 

If you do run across a call only campaign that’s capable of churning out high volume, then create a new campaign and try testing a landing page. You will be rewarded with cheaper clicks, however you’ll need to optimize your landing page until it starts converting.

I’m not here to scare you but I do want you to understand that Pay Per Call takes just as much work as any other form of affiliate marketing, however.

There is one HUGE distinguishing advantage that pay per call has, which no other affiliate marketing vertical has and that’s your ability to focus on one thing. Mastering Google Ads.

You do not need to be a landing page wizard or worry about page-load speeds with a call-only campaign.

You do not need to be a photoshop wizard. You do not need to trick or fabricate intent with blackhat tactics.

Your job is to master adwords and understand your traffic. I can’t think of any other campaign that allows you to focus exclusively on one thing like this.

This focus is critical and what 99% of all affiliates lack. Get good at adwords and I guarantee you, you’ll make money.

You can take your skills elsewhere and apply them like a ninja. You’ll have a much better understanding of marketing in general.

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