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If you're looking to jump into pay per call and you need a great offer/vertical to test then this is it!

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Gene Morris

Thanks for stopping by. I know it can be tricky getting started in Pay Per Call. Hopefully this little folder of insight from the Palo Network will help you get off the ground quicker.

I'm a Palo affiliate manager and I run my own media buying business. I also created a pay per call marketing course called Pay Per Call Blueprint.

My goal is to prepare you for the network and it all starts with picking a good vertical. This list of offers will give you some great ideas. I guarantee it.

If you want to get started in pay per call and you would like to have me as your affiliate manager then please copy my referral code: GENE17 and then mosey on over to and sign up.​

Also, if you need pay per call training, then go sign up for my  pay per call training here.​