Five Reasons I Switched to Pay Per Call Marketing

There’s a lot of different marketing verticals out there and it’s easy to get decision fatigue when you’re starting out or moving on to different traffic sources or offers. 

In my opinion, 2018 will be a huge year for pay per call.  For starters, we’ve figured out better ways of engaging people on traffic sources like Facebook and Native. Getting pay per call offers to work on facebook is still off the radar for most affiliate marketers. 

However, that’s not the reason why I switched to pay per call. No, it was because it was the easiest campaign to set up and get profitable for me.

Here’s 5 good reasons to consider pay per call marketing

  1. Google Adwords – High intent search. It’s the best.  Google has a specific campaign phone call campaign called a click-to-call campaign. Google makes it pretty easy to launch and test new campaigns. Cons: expensive, competitive. 
  2. Offers – The offers you find in Pay Per Call are typically white-hat and evergreen. Think about verticals like addiction, home services, legal, finance.. So as long as humans roam the Earth, these offers will be available somewhere. Cons: Offers drop, buyers bounce
  3. No third-party tracker needed – Everything is optimizable and safely inside google adwords, forever. No need to burn another hundred bucks a month on a third-party tracker like Voluum. Cons: none
  4. Conversion tracking – With a google call-only campaign it’s very easy to track conversions and attribution. This was big for me. Cons: none
  5. No Landing Pages – When a lead clicks your ad on their phone, it opens up a call box and not your landing page. So if you’re bad with landing pages then this is for you. Cons: lead quality