Use this Free Keyword Tool to Find Seed Keywords

Find Amazing Seed Keywords Fast with Ubersuggest

This is one of the best free keyword tools out there. It’s called Ubersuggest and it’s what I use to find seed keywords to pump into spytools, like spyfu, for campaign planning.

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Ubbersuggest is a FREE keyword research tool. It also helps you generate more long tail ideas for your seed keyword.

So, since we are walking through the Debt Relief Offer, let’s search for Debt Relief. You will find a lot of congruent keywords that you can also pump into our spytools and learn more about the campaign you want to run.

Ubbersuggest search results against seed keyword debt relief
Ubbersuggest search results against seed keyword debt relief

How to use search results from Ubbersuggest

1. Congruent Results – pump in some keywords

One of the greatest advantages of using Ubbersuggest is that it will generate many congruent search results against your seed keyword.

I like to scale so I start from the most volume and work through the keywords. You’ll see some of the stuff that is congruent with your search. For instance, debt consolidation loan goes well along debt relief. You’ll find a couple of brands like National Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief in the search results too. These are big brands and so are the search numbers against them.


2. Competitors – other marketers who are running these keywords

You can look from a competitive perspective that these keywords are quite expensive. When you are running an affiliate network offer, a lot of times you are going to be confronted with a Cost Per Click (CPC) that’s on par with the payout. You got to be a good marketer and figure out how to creatively run keyword phrases that are congruent with the offer but aren’t overly saturated by a competition.


3. Networks and Offers – figure out your traffic sources

Some networks or offers are so competitive that it’s best to run a different traffic source and figure out how to make a funnel work over there instead. This can be done through pay per call using a smart AI SMS system like Drips System which you can get free from Palo.

If you are a lead generating pub and you already work with forms, you can pump that data, especially with a phone number information over to a system like Drips. Their scheduling and smart SMS system which the user can actually interact with will schedule a call when it’s most convenient for the lead. There are lots of ways of monetizing your data and there are a lot of different traffic sources you can use for pay per call.

If you are a traditional search pub and you find you haven’t quite figured out what ninja tricks and strategies you can use to get around the cost per click issue then you can focus on what you do best in other areas with other traffic sources.


4. CPC Rates – check out the volume the offer has and figure out what to do about the CPC rates

For instance, in case of Debt Relief, you have some national brands that run these offers and they are competitive. It makes sense to look at what’s working. Most of these big dedt relief programs have multiple touch points across TV, radio and newspapers.  By the time somebody gets into the search and they are typing in Freedom Debt Relief or debt freedom relief they’ve probably seen the brand a number of times and it’s a lot warmer traffic.

Ultimately what I would want to do is go find another performance marketer who is succeeding with this offer. For this series I take ‘Freedom Debt Relief’ as they are getting a lot of search volume. This is a brand bidded term so they might have trademarked it. You might not be able to run it on search.

Although this offer on Palo does not say anything about you can’t bid on brands. However, if you do decide to run this offer, run it by me first.  That’s how I can get to it officially for you.

Once we’re done researching all this on Ubbersugget next Ill be looking the term into SpyFu. SpyFu is a great search spy-tool for Google AdWords.