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What You Get With Leads-to-Calls

Leads-to-Calls In 3 Easy Steps


Increase Revenue with Minimal Effort

We will help you plug in your real-time data, aged data or other data collected and get those users on the phone. We'll then sell the phone call for you and give you the bulk of the revenue.

Easily sell your real-time leads, aged leads or other leads collected, by getting them on the phone and selling the phone call.

A caller often coverts 40% better than a normal form fill. Our system effectively gets your leads on the phone, leading to more revenue in your pocket. 


Best Converting Campaigns, Templated and Ready-To-Go

We've taken the best leads-to-calls sequences and made them plug and play for your congruent lead data

After thousands of campaigns, with hundreds of thousand of text messages sent and received, we've saved the best ROI sequences for you to use with your data.

Leads-to-Calls has proven-to-convert campaigns in the following verticals: Addiction, Home Services, Mortgage, Debt, Finance, Student Loan Consolidation, Credit Repair, Legal, Social Security Disability, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance.


Dedicated Support

Palo will get you started the right way, right away. All you need to do is apply.

Our technical support specialists are there to help you every step of the way via email, chat, or phone.

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