New to Pay Per Call? Do NOT Do This!

When I got started in pay per call, I went around and signed up for as many pay per call networks that I could find.

Btw, this strategy can quickly turn into a dumb idea, which can cost you money and make you look bad.

My goal (coming from the nutra space) was to find the same offers across multiple networks to split test. Because that’s what you do right?

What ends up happening (when you are new) is that you pick a bunch of offers from various networks, then set up some campaigns, launch, spend a bunch of money and generate just enough revenue to get you excited but not enough revenue to trigger a payout.

Now do this across 2 to 6 networks on a $100/day budget. Ouch!

So now you are on the hook for sending traffic to each network, in an effort to generate enough revenue to recover what is owed to you. Some networks have pretty high payout thresholds, btw.

This is no way to start out as a new pay per call affiliate. You’ll go broke and look pretty bad asking for payouts when you can’t even get over the minimum threshold. You just look bad when you do this.

Another reason for avoiding this strategy at all costs, is that most pay per call networks require that you have an affiliate manager. You can easily tic that guy or gal off if you are naive to all the other people attempting to help you succeed. There’s many humans involved on the call center/affiliate network side and lots of communication often take place, in order to get things working properly.

Plus, the whole process of getting a new publisher approved requires a human beings time.

There’s the Affiliate manager and the network operations guy and compliance teams.

They all work on a commission. So time really is money. If their time is wasted on tire-kickers and looky-loos then they will never make any money. So they pick and choose publishers wisely