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Addiction Treatment Network: Premium Call Campaign

Program Details:
There is NO IVR on this campaign

Payout: up to 450.00
Duration: Call converts at 3 – 3.5 minutes connected duration
State Coverage: US Nationwide – except Michigan (No Florida during the hours of 12am – 8am EST)
Caller Types Accepted: Any Caller Looking for Addiction Treatment

Do not bid on, or add language to your ad pertaining to Suicide Hotlines and/or Crisis Hotlines.
Do not mislead the caller in any way that they may be reaching a hotline for suicide or crisis.

No Call Center Traffic
No Incentivized Traffic
Calls will be screened for dead air or mis-dials
*please follow this to avoid suspension and removed calls*

Interested in running this offer with PALO’s Leads to Calls program (SMS)?
Shoot me an email: [email protected]