Inside the Spytool SEMRUSH

 A Powerful Spytool – SEMRUSH

They syptool SEMRUSH is another super ninja tool that you can use for keenly observing your competition and do a thorough competitive research for your online marketing or display campaigns. It is a really good service for SEO, especially if you are into building out websites and you need a lot of inside information about a niche and its current performing graph. That is if you wish to know what is working and how it’s working for others around you in your field.

I recently subscribed to the syptool SEMRUSH and in this video I research a debt relief pay per call offer. You can learn a lot about a campaign by spending some time inside SEMRUSH.

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Features of the spytool SEMRUSH

Although I have only just begun realizing the true potential of this tool, there are a ton of features to talk about. There is a lot of power here and we get a ton of useful information. Some very basic features that are a part of the deal that we are going to talk about are:

  1. Traffic Analytics
  2. Keyword Distribution Position
  3. Competitive Keyword
  4. Organic Keyword Results
  5. Display Advertising
  6. Publishers List

For the purpose of this post we will be researching on


Traffic Analytics 

 SEMRUSH gets you a good idea for what Freedom Debt Relief is doing to get people’s attention out there. For instance, their traffic sources, which includes their blogs as well. These are the blogs that others have on their website but they link back to Freedom Debt Relief.

Spytool SEMRUSH - Traffic Sources
Spytool SEMRUSH – Traffic Sources


You should always have a media blog, the one you use to market your product to target customers and a money blog, the one on your website that you use to make actual money.

One interesting thing I learned over this year at Traffic and Conversion Summit is that most people are more likely to share information from what appears to be an independent blog as opposed to the main money site.

A good example would be: If you see a barbecue come up in your news-feed on Facebook and some Home Depot is the sponsor for that ad, you are most probably not going to share it. But if the same ad was branded as Bob’s barbecues and Bob was there giving a review chances are you are going to share it.  

So, that’s the concept. A lot of these referring websites end up becoming assets to the parent company. They pump out all the information which you share and like. That, there is their media plan; the strategy that drives you towards them. You will see a lot of that in your competitive research.


Keyword Position Distribution

SEMRUSH has a very sophisticated feature for keyword position distribution. You will see that their core kick-ass keywords are going to be the top three spots and everything else is probably going to trickle down the page. You can find it in Domain Overview.


Spytool SEMRUSH - Keyword Position Distribution
Spytool SEMRUSH – Keyword Position Distribution

There is a paid search as well where you’ll see the keywords your competition really likes to focus on. You can use that keyword as a seed word and build an entire campaign out of that seed word.


Spytool SEMRUSH - Paid Search Keyword Position Distribution
Spytool SEMRUSH – Paid Search Keyword Position Distribution


Display Ads for Mobile Devices

One super cool feature is that it displays mobile devices here as well. You’ll see landing pages by the website by using the tool. 

SEMRUSH - Display Ads for Mobile Devices
SEMRUSH – Display Ads for Mobile Devices


Display Advertising for Advertisers

Here you can check out what ads are working on the website. You’ll see that Freedom Debt Relief has a lot of branding. For each ad you can see  how long did it stay out there and how many times was it viewed on their page.

SEMRUSH - Display Advertising for Advertisers
SEMRUSH – Display Advertising for Advertisers


Publisher Lists for Display Campaigns

SEMRUSH is a good place if you’re running display campaigns. You get to see all the publishers which you can also export as a csv file(comma separated values), or as an excel sheet for your convenience. If you are putting up a fancy display campaign, you can copy all these in. Or you clean them up to figure out what are all the good publishers that suit your campaign.

Publisher List exported in Sheet
Publisher List Exported in a Sheet

So, these were a few features I dig into while looking into the SEMRUSH tool. You can check this super amazing spytool out at SEMRUSH here.