Using Spyfu to Research Adwords Search Traffic

SpyFu – Great For Google Desktop Search Traffic

As a pay per call marketer, it’s no mystery that Google AdWords click-to-call is one of the best, if not the best, sources of paid traffic. I’m still exploring SEMRUSH so can’t honestly compare SpyFu right now.

However, I’ve discovered some big, long term campaigns, using spyFu that have made me a considerable penny, so it’s good to have it in your tool box, if you can afford it.

Spyfu makes it easy to find keywords, landing pages, and ad angles to test and to be honest, I use about 4% of Spyfu. It can do a lot. But I tend to keep things simple.

I’m researching a debt relief offer in this video. Debt relief has been hot on Palo, as of this writing, so thought I would cover it.

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SpyFu Overview

If you are looking into organizing and improving your SEO and PPC campaigns or find the best keywords in your market, SpyFu is for you.

In this quick review of the tool we overview Once you search for the website you can see a lot of things on the overview page. You can see what they are bidding on, their paid keywords, their competition, and even their AdWords history.  

SpyFu - Overview of
SpyFu – Overview of

You can also see what they are ranking for organically and how long they’ve been around.

Time is often a measure of how well a brand could be performing. A well-established brand will obviously be there for a while now.


Spyfu- Competition for
Spyfu- Competition for

You can check out who their competition in organic search is. When your able to spy on your competitor and see how they have evolved over the course of time, you can take the lessons that they learned and apply them to your site to rank well. This applies to both, the competitors you are familiar with and the ones who provide similar services as you do. So if you’re running a Debt Relief Campaign such a Palo’s, checking out Freedom Debt Relief’s competition is a good idea.

In the paid competitors you’ll see the brands and publishers (affiliates) who have taken their game to a super high professional level. For instance,  is probably a website that just does consumer reviews but has established itself as a brand in their own respect and now have cornered the market. They are probably selling leads to the National Debt Relief or even to Freedom Debt Relief.

That’s usually how it works. You’ll have big leads who are buying their own marketing and then at the same time t are funneling money into performance based affiliate networks. In those affiliates, they are, in some way, also competing against each other.

That’s natural. If you are a large nationwide brand you probably want to take up all the top spots on the search page for the paid traffic. Even though you’re having to pay a little bit more per click for that. You want to own all the spots and all the traffic through affiliates in your own efforts as a publisher.


Top Keywords

SpyFu- Top Keywords for
SpyFu- Top Keywords for

In my campaigns, I personally would run both, organic keywords and paid keywords. The organic keywords are typically going to be long tail and affordable.

If you are like me you can basically pull out a spreadsheet of thousands of keywords and then do your best to  clean them up. Throw them into a campaign and just see what happens. You’re probably going to spend a lot of money on doing a lot of weeding. It’s all about how much effort you want to put in advance to see what’s working and what’s not working.

In SpyFu you’ll see the cost per clicks (CPC) on the paid results side. From a search perspective this (Debt Relief Campaign) is a doable campaign but you got to get real creative. You might need to go long tail or put a lot of words into your campaign, write really good ads, depends on what’s going to work for you.


AdWords History

SpyFu - AdWords History for
SpyFu – AdWords History for

You’ll find here all the ads that are running for search traffic. It’s nice to get an idea of what angles are working. As you can see these guys are trying to qualify people with $25,000 or more in debt. If you’re aiming for a little less, say $15,000 for the Palo’s Debt Relief Pay Per Call Offer, there is a lot of flexibility there.   


PPC Keyword

SpyFu- PPC Keywords for
SpyFu- PPC Keywords for

From the keyword perspective, these would be the keywords I would investigate. As you can see they have targets for cheap as well as expensive traffic.

People with credit cards, and people looking to file bankruptcy are seeking out Freedom Debt Relief. Because they are at the verge of filing for bankruptcy, they are desperate and if somebody can come in and help them out on a phone call they would be willing to get it. So, bankruptcy is a good angle. Similarly counseling is also a good angle to consider.

The crux here is, the more granular and long tail you get the cheaper these keywords become. Credit counselling in Georgia or Credit Counseling in Athens are going to get the CPC (Cost per Click) down. If you phrase or exact match, depending on the traffic volume, the cost could go down too. In that case your quality scores go up, which is really good.

I tend to run broad so my quality scores always suck. But  I focus on the keywords that I can afford and that generate column. I’m banking on negative keyword lists, good ads and a decent IVR (interactive voice response) to do the lifting for me.

Personally, I try not to compete in the sweet keyword category because there you know that the keywords are good. Your competitors are the buyers essentially, so, you just can’t compete with them.

But then again you got to go creative and test what works for you and what doesn’t and what it will cost you. Although there is no cheap keyword in here but it is a paid search and we are looking at a major brand so of course they are going to outbid everybody on the core keywords and the core phrases. But it definitely gives you an idea and something to work on.

SpyFu is critical to my pay per call success. I use it for all my campaign planning. If you’re serious about Google search traffic and affiliate marketing then you should definitely invest in SpyFu. I use Spyfu along side Adbeat and SEMRUSH.