About Me

Hey, I’m Gene, I teach people how to create a successful business online using pay per call marketing through my course and this website.

I’m a performance marketer that generates inbound phone leads for businesses big and small. I only work with a very small group of affiliate networks. And the owners are my friends.

I am also an outreach manager for Palo Media Group. This means I get paid to qualify publishers and bring them onboard.

My goal is to teach you how to earn an honest living through pay per call, using my website and course material.

By the way. As of this writing, I need to update my course. It’s been pirated and abused to death by my least favorite kind of marketer. So I’ve been on a mission to figure out how to provide value while getting paid to do it. There’s nothing worse then putting out material that gets stolen and I’m not interested in playing baby sitter to those who do buy my course. There’s too much money to be made in this industry to focus my valuable time on teaching newbies. But I digress. I like teaching, and I like revenue streams. Unfortunately, my time doesn’t scale. So please be resourceful and use my course material and this website to solve your pay per pall problems. But please, do not hunt me down and ask for one-on-one help, or account approvals.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.