What are the best Pay Per Call offers for Facebook?

Facebook is a great platform for targeting people using their demographic information. So any offer that matches well with demographic information will have a stronger chance of getting profitable than, say, a broad, hard-to-target offer like addiction or personal injury.

Addiction and personal injury can affect everyone, and when you try to target everyone, your message ends up resonating with no one.

A good example of what might work on facebook would be credit repair and debt relief. These are two common pay per call offers that work well with subprime.

So targeting a person who is above the age of 30 and makes less than 30K/yr probably lives on a lot of debt. I’m just guessing but you see my point.

So if you’re are thinking about dabbling in facebook, then think about those offers that can be easily targeted using the basics like age and age income. Then move on from there.

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