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Getting Approved on Networks

A lot of new publishers are having trouble getting approved on networks. To be honest, it’s tough these days. However, there’s hope.

The bottom line to getting approved on a lot of good networks these days, and not just pay per call, is to take the publisher applications more seriously. And Improve on the things you are lacking, if you are lacking something.

I literally just applied to three new affiliate networks outside of pay per call. And let me tell you, they are tough.

If I didn’t have any PROOF of revenue, traffic stats, and affiliate references to show then who knows what would happen to my approval?

I had one network ask me to send a screenshot of one of my publisher account dashboards, to show proof that I am capable of generating traffic and generating revenue (important stuff like revenue and ROI blurred of course).

Another networks publisher application took control of my camera and snapped a profile picture of me, right from inside the application. Bananas, but cool.

I had to cough up two other networks, plus two references from those networks.

I guess you could say that although Palo has a tough application (see below), but it’s not as tough as others out there.

Anyway, you are invited to fill out Palo Media Group’s Application below.