💰💰💰 If you are collecting leads by running quiz funnels, then listen up. I have a Ninja trick that will monetize your data even further, for FREE.

I am digging into the spy tools again and found something interesting.

The quiz niche is killing it! Especially in native sources like Revcontent and Outbrain. Google Display is also crushing it.

If you’re already generating form fill data (it doesn’t have to be just quizzes) then add a Smart SMS leads-to-calls campaign to your existing funnels right away.

Leads-to-Call is a Hands-Off campaign. You literally do nothing but push your data back to the Leads-to-Calls campaign using zapier and then let the machines go to work.

You can get the Leads-to-Calls campaign for free when you become a Palo Media Group publisher (affiliate).

They will cover all the costs, give you dedicated account manager and tech support manager.

You do your part and generate form fills and then let palo do the rest.

The only catch is that you MUST run Palo Media Group Offers. So you’ll need a campaign that’s congruent with their offerings, which they will help you with when you sign up.

Get started by filling out the Leads-to-Calls application at https://Palomobile.com/leads to get started.