How well do pay per call offers convert on Facebook?

We had 18,000 leads roughly come in from Facebook. About 6,000 of those are actually going to turn into an inbound phone call, which is great. Another 4,000 leads are going to go past the two minute offer.

How well do pay per call offers convert on Facebook?
Drips Overview

So, just to get an idea of how powerful that is, one out of five of these form fills turns into an actual billable call.

You can see who is buying the calls and see what is the close rate on this overview by Drips.

Essentially one out of three leads turn into an inbound call. Now that is a form fill which is massive.

Drips is an all automatic system. These numbers you see here are all through an automated software where one out of five leads actually comes billable.

So, if we were to do just a click to call, how much will that cost generate from a call? Let’s say (I’m just making up numbers here) $25, where you can get a form fill for $3 each. Since it takes 5 form fills to get through, so, at the end of the day our cost per driving inbound billable phone call is cheaper that if we’re just making a phone call CTA (Call to Action).

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