Facebook Copywriting Tips

How do you strategize your copy? How do you as a publisher decide what to put on a lander? And what to put on your Facebook Ad? Here are some great Facebook Copywriting tips that will get you through the process.

#1 Put yourself in their shoes

When I am writing a copy, I put myself in the user’s shoes so much that I can feel exactly what they are feeling. For instance, when I got into the debt space, I was late on my medical bills on purpose. I wanted to see what that process was like. I had my friends call me 20 times a day. Got called by debt collection agencies over and over.

I felt what it felt like to not want to pick up my phone, to not want to go check the mail, to not want to tell my friends that I’m in debt and I can’t afford things.  I almost call it like I’m a method actor for copywriting because I can put myself in those people’s shoes.

So now, I’m not writing – It’s going to be great to get out of debt in 2018.

But instead I’m going to say – Stop the phone calls! Are you tired of not being able to check you mail? Do you want to be able to turn your phone back on? Without worrying about getting three calls in that hour because someone is hanging you down or showing up at your doorsteps?

Stop those phone calls
Stop those phone calls | Image – Daria Nepriakhina Unsplash

#2 Write (a lot)

Getting into the shoes of the person and visualizing what life is like for them is more of a concept than some action item. For action I actually do write a tremendous amount of our sales copy. We have sales copywriters too.

In my opinion the number one skill for an internet marketer is being able to write to persuade. It’s the hardest skill to find the highest value.

So, I write to the feelings of people when I know what states they are in. I create some urgency on some believable level. If I say this offer ends Tuesday, no it doesn’t. Everybody puts that on their ads. I hope you are getting what I mean there.

If our server space can only hold 2,000 more people or 200 more people, we should be filling up on them today. Actually, we’re looking for some more angles that create action.

#3 Segment the copy

Your copy should be segmented per campaign. Like for African Americans vs. Moms, your copy should  specifically calls out that ‘This program is for African Americans in California.’ It kind of interrupts their patterns and gets them cruising.

At a high level online copy it’s super important to know where the person is in their stage, where they are at in their journey, what does the process look like to them. That understanding comes from speaking in their terms as to where they are vs. you being just an internet marketer that is trying to drive a phone call.