Using Adbeat to Research a Debt Relief Offer

Display and Native Spytool – Adbeat Rocks!

This debt relief pay per call offer is one video in a series. Watch the entire series by visiting this Youtube playlist link.

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Adbeat is a very good spytool for native and search traffic. It’s going to give you a rundown of advertisers. You can search by keywords or you can even search by advertiser name like Freedom Debt Relief. I’ll walk you through the entire process of finding out meaningful information from a competitor, Freedom Debt Relief in this case. 

When you search on Adbeat, the nice little blue bar that appears beside the search item says that the advertiser you are searching for is very active.


Adbeat - Search
Adbeat – Search


Ad Impact to Top Networks

Adbeat will let you know what is working for the nationwide brand, Freedom Debt Relief, right now. From the results it looks like Freedom Debt Relief is crushing on Taboola. Taboola is a native network traffic source.

Adbeat - Ad Impact
Adbeat – Ad Impact – Top Networks for



To see what creatives they are using switch over to the creatives section. This is where you can see all their ads and actually find out what is working for them on Taboola and other native networks.

The text for Google ads is visible; you can see them on Google display by running the text ads. What’s good about text ads is that they can fit and conform to any advertisement size as opposed to images where you need images of fixed size so you can fit them into the advertisers image equation. In that regard a text image is really nice, fast and dirty and you can get running immediately.

Adbeat- Top Ads
Adbeat- Top Ads

If you click the ‘See All Top Ads’ you’ll be directed to a list of all the ads that have been working for over the time. This is where you can figure out how your competition is working their way out through ads.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be black hat with this stuff. If you are a good marketing person and if you just supply people with what they need and you find the right kind of traffic, you don’t have to cheat or lie and steal your way to a conversion. These vanilla financial offers truly help people. It’s more of how you convince them than anything else.

The Trick

If you put yourself in the mindset of someone who is in debt, you’ll better understand their psychology behind committing to such an offer.

Being in debt sucks, especially when you’ve dug such a deep hole for yourself, that life seems hopeless. So your target market for an offer like this is likely desperate for a solution to their debt problem. But how do you get them to engage your offer?

The idea, in this example, is to continue to push potential leads through the funnel by having them answer debt related questions in a calculator. Every question in the calculator is a micro transaction. Each question answered is a little more engagement, a bread crumb. Ultimately your lead reaches a point of no return, where they feel compelled to see the calculator all the way through to the end.

By the time they get ⅔ of the way through, they are committed and they want to finish. It’s like an inner struggle in their brain. They want to get through this. They want to enter their information, and see the results. That’s when you hit them with the lead submission form that coordinates a good time for a phone call, so they can speak to someone about a true solution to their debt problem.

Question to ask your potential clients
Question to ask your potential clients

I personally use this technique inside the solar vertical. I prime my solar leads by having them answer a few home solar related questions through a solar calculator. Although I don’t store this information, it does give the lead time to engage and commit to finding an answer.

I do POST back the important information to my leads-to-calls API. This includes their name, phone number and email address. You can do the same thing with something like formidable forms plugin on WordPress.

This is what Freedom Debt Relief is doing. They send leads through a funnel of questions and then prompt them with their contact information for results. They’ve gone through 5-10 questions, so they feel committed. This is the actual trick. Engage the lead with micro-commitments so they do not abandon the page.

To Summarize

If you want to run a Native campaign or display, then consider sending traffic to an article talking about ways of ‘consolidating your debt’ or ‘solving your debt problems’.

Make sure to pixel that traffic. Then retarget those who engaged your article and send them to a calculator like Freedom Debt Relief has done. They’ll be committed enough to fill out your opt-in form once they’ve made it through the calculator. You do not need to store the calculator data. It’s designed to engage the lead.

You can see what ads are working best and whose been running what for longest. Adbeat gives you an idea of what’s working in search and what’s working on Native Networks, so you can figure out how you are going to lift your campaign right off the ground.