By clicking on an ad the traffic is directed to a page where they will be bucketed.

This will be based upon what they click on and how much time they spend on the page. Another ad or link then appears on the page.

For instance, someone is checking out the page where Target’s discount offers and coupons are mentioned.

The next link they might follow from that page is ‘5 ways to save money in 2018’ or ‘5 ways to help you get out of debt in 2018’.

People who don’t take action on these and stick to cooler offers will not be served until they are more warmed up or in a better stage.

Those who interact with ‘5 ways to get out of debt’, number one talks about don’t go to the movies often.

Number two says don’t eat out often. And number three says start learning about your settlement or consolidation options.

So, anyone who has spent X amount of time on that page will now get an article.

It will specifically talk about how the settlement process works. Also what it looks like, and what they can expect.

Since I have vetted these companies, the article will prompt the lead to fill out a form to get a free consultation.

If someone is interacting on stage one, you might want to push the gas harder.

If they get to stage two and stage three and have lost that forward momentum, we’ll pull back again.