Why Are Pay Per Call Publishers failing on Facebook?

Essentially when you drive traffic to Pocket your Dollars, for instance, you are bucketing these individuals and you are retargeting them on Facebook with your brand. That’s when you further introduce the drips model where the action happens.

Very rarely would anybody just come in and fill out the form you’ve set up. That’s exactly why so many of publishers fail on Facebook. They make the action happen right away.

The person might just be looking at what their mom or their best friend was doing on Facebook. And now, all of a sudden, they are getting an ad that says call someone to speak to them for an hour about their debt options.

That’s odd now and so this direct action take is not very congruent.

By bringing them through that funnel and retargeting them based on their actions where you sort of itch them along the customer journey.

It should not feel like it came from Facebook. They might have even forgotten about that because they’ve gotten entrenched in your funnel with the articles and the website. This is a more natural way of going about.


You can not ask for marriage on the first date.