Facebook Pay Per Call – Should you target Mobile or Desktop Users?

As a publisher, you might find yourself thinking as to what platform would better suit your campaign. Do you need to strategize differently for mobile and desktop users? How do you decide that?

In all transparency, I would say 98% of the time I’m targeting mobile users. Also, it’s the nature of the task at hand because we are eventually trying to get someone on the phone.

When they fill out the form, just so everyone knows, the sequence or the process is that they will get a call within three to four seconds. It is hence super congruent for them to be on their phone while they view the offer or fill out the form.

I would imagine a tremendous amount of people transfer off that direct call. I would hence have little to no desktop traffic for this debt relief offer that I run.

Again it all depends on the nature of the kind of traffic you are trying to get on a call as compared to if they were to have to pull out the phone when they are already on the desktop. So, for Pay Per Call offers you would usually find the mobile option more friendly.