Making 5 figures a day on Facebook with Pay Per Call

Our goal when we launch a Facebook Campaign is education. There is so much marketing noise out there that you can not just get in front of someone with a sign and say ‘Buy from Me’ anymore. Or have a salesman call you up.

It takes a dramatical number of touches and education. People can get their own answers to their questions. They now have the ability to educate themselves for there is so much content out there.

If you are not the one educating them, I firmly believe you are not going to be the one who ultimately makes a sale to them.

That is my approach to Facebook Campaigns; I look at it almost like a funnel cake where there are different layers. You start at the highest level.

For instance, I educate people on how they can save money when they are shopping at Target. I tell them what kind of coupons are available this week and what kind of discounts are going through. Eventually, my end goal is to get someone to settle their debt.

So, how is this related? Well, it is at a very high level. For someone trying to save money, it’s helping them with their finances in a way by being a massive value add.

You can start off with an ad or a video about somebody talking about the debt crisis in America. Then bucket people who actually take action. You can see who has spent some X amount of time on the site, checked out some links or if they went to multiple pages.

If it’s a video that you are running directly on Facebook, did they see a certain segment of it or they watched the whole thing? Bucket those people¬†differently.

The next CTA would be a lead ad to redirect them to a debt settlement calculator. This is where you tell them how much money they can save.

People who haven’t been bucketed yet did not quite interact with everything and are not yet ready for an offer. You can then go on to tell them about how they can save money on Wal-Mart. And when you have bucketed them you can go on specifically explaining the settlement process and things of the sort.

Going this way is easy for a lot of business owners, publishers and individuals to think of it as almost an email. Traditional email funneling is where when someone clicks or a link or opens your email they go to a site. This is where they take different actions and become a part of different buckets. Facebook campaigns are set the same way.

debt form
An example of debt form inside an article


The end result for us, ultimately, is something like a ‘How to get out of Debt’ article or ‘What is Consolidation’ or ‘What is Settlement’. Then you can drive into a form like the one shown here and get back to them later.

The reason we do not immediately call them is that they are coming from Facebook. So, even if they are using it on their phones, they are far from ready to have an hour-long conversation to talk about their settlement options. You are basically aiming for a shot in the dark for the right timings at that point.

By offering a form like this that people can fill out, if you are an automated process, you are able to get them live on the call when they are ready.